Picksmart - About Us
Picksmart - About Us

About Picksmart

Our Story

Picksmart was born in 2012 with a mission to enable businesses in South Africa to take advantage of today's technology in the same way that big enterprises do. Not having any legacy systems or red tape, we are able to develop a robust software platform using the latest technology.


From the beginning we've applied best software development practices and security standards. Today our systems are rock solid. We can rapidly develop new systems because of the pre-built modules (that are fully customizable). Existing systems can always accommodate more modules/improvements. We can do this because we stick to proper design patterns and always think about the future.

All systems are monitored in our war room to make sure that system response times are blazingly fast and that users enjoy using it.


Today, we love impressing our clients with the software we build for them! Let us help you to incorporate the very best technologies into your company.

How we've grown


Why choose Us?

We aim to build better software!

  • We rapidly develop secure, reliable and user-friendly, web-based software systems.

  • We integrate systems and enable them to effectively communicate with each other.

  • Automate business processes.

  • Host systems with 100% uptime by using load balancers and live replication.

  • Focus on system security and follow the latest threat trends.


To be the best software solutions company in Africa by supplying enterprise class software not only to corporates, but also to small businesses.

  • Years of experience in the corporate environment.

  • Strict coherence to system design and programming principals.

  • Keeping up to date with the latest security threats.

  • Planning ahead and working smarter.