Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Development

At Picksmart, we custom-built AI Software to fit your unique business requirements. We find meaningful insights to improve your product or service. Our team guarantees transparent AI development processes and ongoing communication throughout the project.

We make use of the following Solutions

Machine Learning
  • Study data and analyze users behaviours, to discover their patterns.
  • Make predictions and decisions based on historical data.
  • Discover similarities or irregularities in data.
Natural Language Processing
  • Build natural relations with your users and identify patterns in unstructured data.
  • Extract specific data from long texts.
  • Automatically process invoices and contracts.
  • Identify the users emotions and recognize when they get irritable.
  • Improves customer experience with Chatbots​.
Computer Vision
  • Automate difficult decision-making processes based on digital images or videos.
Audio Recognition
  • Identify patterns in audio data, enabling voice communication using a range of devices.

The Technologies we use

We always keep track of new Technologies to deliver future-oriented solutions.

Our Workflow

AI consulting
Data gathering & preparation
AI modeling
Training and testing the model
Integration and deployment