Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Development

At Picksmart, we custom-build AI Software to fit your unique business requirements. We find meaningful insights to improve your product or service.

We make use of the following Solutions

Machine Learning
  • Study data and analyze users behaviours, to discover their patterns.
  • Make predictions and decisions based on historical data.
  • Discover similarities or irregularities in data.
Natural Language Processing
  • Build natural relations with your users and identify patterns in unstructured data.
  • Extract specific data from long texts.
  • Automatically process invoices and contracts.
  • Identify the users emotions and recognize when they get irritable.
  • Improves customer experience with Chatbots​.
Computer Vision
  • Automate difficult decision-making processes based on digital images or videos.
Audio Recognition
  • Identify patterns in audio data, enabling voice communication using a range of devices.

The Technologies we use

We always keep track of new Technologies to deliver future-oriented solutions.

Our Workflow

AI consulting
Data gathering & preparation
AI modeling
Training and testing the model
Integration and deployment