Mobile Applications

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Mobile Applications allows businesses to establish long term relations with their customers, enhancing their brands and beating competitors in the market. Businesses are thinking about Mobile Applications as a gainful advertising procedure and a product instrument that streamlines business basic procedures.


We use the following programming technologies to implement customised Android & iOS Applications:

Picksmart - Android and iOs Apps



Adobe XD

Picksmart makes no compromises in the process of creating Mobile Applications. Our design team spends countless hours in Adobe XD to perfect the design and flow of your Mobile Application. Using Adobe XD, we can very quickly move from one operating system to the next, to ensure that the design is universal across the board.

When it comes to the development of your Mobile Application, the development team uses TypeScript as a language to ensure high productivity and faster end results as the development is only required once for multiple platforms. Picksmart Mobile Applications are available on the Android as well as the iOS App Stores.


We not only develop your application but also carefully optimize and maintain it, to give you the best experience. On-time delivery of the project with 100% satisfaction, is what matters to us and we do it with perfection and co-ordination with the client. We are open to adapt, in order to raise the bar of innovation.


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