ERP & CRM Systems

Picksmart provides many businesses (medium and large) with a variety of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Modules), Customer Relationship Management (CRM Models) and related services.

Together with our business partners we have managed to build scalable, flexible and “low maintenance” ERP platforms. Our value offering will outperform any of our competitors in terms of price, flexibility, quality of our service and value for money, to name a few. Being a dynamic company we focus on solutions that is secure, yet scalable but with the aim to also reduce your license fees paid over the long run.

Picksmart's CRM Models allows you to manage leads, log calls, send out scheduled SMSes/emails and even auto-update statuses/processes. Our systems can integrate with a variety of applications, for example Barcode processors and Helpdesk software.

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List of Requirements for Software Development

  • What problem are you trying to solve with the software?

  • Define the functions of the software.

  • Who will use the results of the software?

  • How should the software interact with people?

  • Rules and limitations (e.g., time, resource, funding) that may dictate how the project is carried out.

  • Are there any potential changes in the project's environment or external events that may affect the project?

  • What are the day-to-day support issues?

  • When are deliverables due? What are the planned milestone dates?


Our Support team is dedicated to the full-time monitoring of all our systems' average web response time, server CPU usage, current active connections and other relevant metrics which ensures that the end user experiences the best possible performing system. This gives us the ability to spot irregularities early enough to prevent them from influencing the end user. We have added easy to access Help buttons which communicates directly with our Jira Service Desk, creating tickets which makes tracking the issue as well communication between the user and Support team as easy as possible.

We have implemented Service Level Agreements which act as guidelines in our response times to support requests (dependent on the priority type of the ticket). The in-place SLA’s result in maximum productivity from our Support team as well as satisfied users. In case of any questions or concerns, out Support team will always be a quick email or phone call away.


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