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Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence service offers the capability to convert data into valuable insights. With this functionality, users can create bespoke reports by drawing data from all sources within the system. Our Platform enables the creation of dashboards that display Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help clients concentrate on the most significant metrics. Reports can also be scheduled to be automatically delivered to the intended recipients' inboxes at regular intervals.


At the core of any successful business lies its processes. Our service empowers organisations to effectively monitor and manage their business processes. We facilitate seamless communication between team members by ensuring timely notifications for required actions within the system, while also verifying task completion before proceeding to the next stage in the process.

System Integrations

System Integrations

Application Programming Interface (API) Creation

Our systems are designed to integrate smoothly with any web service or API. The use of software programs that are not integrated with one another can impede employee productivity and hinder the organisation's ability to achieve its objectives. User-specific API call settings can be customized to generate content according to your business requirements. API usage can help your business streamline processes like creating emails, automating customer support, generating content, and more.

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