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Software Development

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Fast delivery times

Lightning fast delivery times of new software projects, without compromising our quality-driven approach.

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Scalable and flexible

Together with our business partners we have managed to build scalable, flexible and “low maintenance” ERP platforms.

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Progress transparency

Regular status updates with stakeholders on the tasks completed, as well as any problems encountered along the way.


List of Requirements for Software Development

  • Outline the software's functionalities.

  • What is the objective of the software?

  • Who will be the end-user of the software?

  • How should the software interact with the user?

  • What are the everyday support issues that the software may face?

  • What are the rules and limitations that could impact the software's execution; such as time, resources, and funding?

  • Are there any foreseeable changes or external events that could affect the development flow?

  • When are the deliverables due, and what are the projected milestone dates for the software?


ERP & CRM Systems

We provide many businesses (medium and large) with a variety of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Modules), Customer Relationship Management (CRM Models) and related services.


Our value proposition is unmatched, surpassing our competitors in terms of pricing, flexibility, quality of service, and overall value for money. As a dynamic company, we prioritize secure and scalable solutions that ultimately reduce long-term licensing fees for our clients.

Our CRM models offer advanced features such as lead management, call logging, scheduled SMS/e-mail sending, and automatic status/process updating. Furthermore, our systems are highly integrative and compatible with various applications, such as barcode processors and helpdesk software.


ERP Key Functions

  • Focus on internal performance

  • Improve planning and reporting

  • Financial and Supply Chain Management

  • Example: Human Resources, Inventory etc.

  • Focus on customer experience

  • Automate repetitive tasks

  • Improved Sales and Outreach

  • Example: Leads Management, Analytics etc.

CRM Key Functions

Software Development

Do you have a Software Request?

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