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Legal Case Management Software

Legasys Legal Software is a cloud-based Debt Review Legal Management offering which specializes in the Debt Review and Credit market and to date assisted more than 200 law firms to better manage their practices' administrative functions and workflow, improve efficiencies, running leaner and therefore operate more profitable.

The team who developed Legasys, consist of individuals who all share a passion for the Credit and Debt Review fraternity in particular.

These individuals consist of Attorneys specializing in Debt Review and Credit related legal matters, reputable business people who also have a vested interested in a South-African NCR Accredited Payment Distribution Agent as well as software engineers who know the industry, as these individuals also developed the I-docs system as well as the new upgraded Finwise Debt Review Management system.

The team at Legasys continuously strive to “challenge the now”…today. Our dedicated team of Legasys software engineers enable us to move quickly and we thrive on bringing innovation to live.


“Our biggest reward is the smile on a client’s face following a successful implementation.”


Gawie Riekert


Modules and Services

Our Modules and Services

User Preferences

User defined Preferences will enable you to set up how and what you want the system to manage and automatically complete on your behalf. Aspects such as on-boarding for example uses time and money to determine when to commence with the legal process. The system also makes use of clear Roles and Responsibilities, which could be linked to customizable deliverable dates. All of these will link to the Attorney and Applicant Service Level Agreement.

Easy On-boarding

Easy on-boarding - All aspects of opening a new legal case, obtaining letters of appointment and filing acknowledgements letters are all automated and streamlined within our Legasys offering.

Court and Legal Citation Management

Court and Legal Citation Management - All Magistrate Courts in South-Africa are mapped out and can therefore be automatically selected when the respondent’s address is depicted upon the on-boarding stage. The benefit to you is that your court headers and citations is guaranteed to be correct.

E-filer and Document Storage

E-filer and Document Storage - All source documents are read and automatically filed by the system, using advanced OCR and parsing functionality.

Web Service Functionality

Web Service Functionality and deep integration with Finwise ensures that absolute no capturing is involved in the process, as the system is completed in sync with the Debt Review operating system in terms of money management, NCR timeline management, proposal management as well as source document management. *Non Finwise Debt Counsellors opting to advise their legal team to make use of Legasys, can make use of our E-filer functionality coupled with the Bordereaux and Legal Case Management upload functionality to create the needed efficiencies.

Automated Drafting or Legal Cases

Automated Drafting or Legal Cases will enable you to automatically “pack out” with a click of a button. This legal pack is automatically then also indexed and paginated. Should a Certificate of Balance not be present once the drafting process is finalized, the system will aim and automatically use the Consumer Credit Report obtained from the Credit Bureau as source document. The system will further use the Infussion Credit Life* Participation Certificate as Proof of Residence in the event that the Proof of Water and Lights accounts is omitted.* - Infussion clients only.

Applicant Communication Functionality

Applicant Communication Functionality will enable you to automatically place the prepared Founding Affidavit in the applicant’s portal (*Finwise only), or email the Founding Affidavit to the applicant.

Respondent Communication Module

Respondent Communication Module will forward the Confirmatory Affidavit pack consisting of the Confirmatory Affidavit and three additional Supplementary Affidavits (Income Verification, Marital Verification and Proof of Residence) to the Respondent based on an automated 28 day workflow process by which the following will occur; an automated sms will introduce the Attorney on record, followed by a voice broadcast by which the Respondent could elect to talk to the Attorney or request them to phone back. Following this, and email and sms with a link (consisting of the Confirmatory Affidavit, Founding Affidavit and Supplementary Affidavits). The process will continue for a total of 28 days and will either stop once the Confirmatory is received or suspend the case while the Attorney is awaiting the Confirmatory Affidavit.

Legal Case Management

The Legal Case Management part of the system will take care of all aspects of the legal case such as preparing to file to court, automatically filing the Notice of Motion once the case number and/or court is obtained, electronically serve the application to all respondents, diarize all the important court dates, prepare for set down and obtain the court outcome. Preference is given to secured assets and the court requirements in terms legal case information is verified electronically prior to the filing process.

Exception Handling

Exception Handling have also been catered for and the system was designed to cater for opposing matters, court removals, dismissals and withdrawals to name a few.

Correspondent Management Functionality

The Correspondent Management Functionality will assist you to not only hand over files electronically to your selected correspondent (which will in return save you thousands in printing costs) but also allow for full transparency for you and the applicant throughout the process. You can also opt to hand-over to Docex which will fulfil your filing needs within their specific court districts. Full transparency achieved between the Attorney and record and their Correspondent Attorney and all aspects of the case is managed by a Service Level Agreement, monitored by the system.

Flexible Workflow BPM Tool

Flexible Workflow BPM Tool - The system was designed and build on a flexible workflow BPM tool, which takes care of all our communication activities throughout the system and can easily be changed if needed.

Reporting Engine

The Legasys Reporting Engine - will put you in control of your practise. You will have access to standard reports. Additional capability allows you to create your own actionable reports, create dashboards and “to do” lists for your staff and also the ability to choose to manage either by means of of task engine, or the reports created instead. The choice is yours.

Service Level Agreement

All functions between the applicant and Attorney is managed by means of a system driven Service Level Agreement which will manage all aspects of the case such as agreed time lines, invoicing other deliverables.

Money Management Module

The Money Management Module is designed to help you manage the risks of un-paids and disputes and when the preference is selected will also hand-over once the necessary threshold is achieved.

Diary Management Capability

Our Diary Management Capability will optimize court dates and pro-actively manage all court dates as well as important dates to prepare the legal case.
Other important functionality worth mentioning:
  • Legasys is fully integrated with Globe Flight Couriers thus enabling you to generate your waybills on the system, which ensures tracking throughout the process.
  • A Portfolio of Evidence of each legal case on what transpired on the file, is available with a click of a button.
  • You can listen to all calls between the applicant and respondent, as these are saved on the respondent’s file. A fully integrated Softphone is also part and parcel of our offering.
  • The Attorney has access to Home Affairs' office in order to retrieve a personal identifiable document, if so required.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Our software is cloud-based, geared to handle in excess of 2000 Attorneys and updated in real-time, enabling your workforce to work remotely anywhere.

  • Legasys is specifically developed to streamline the legal work associated with Debt Review and Credit Industry related matters.

  • Deep integration into the Finwise platform provide unmatched transparency, speed and unrivalled workflow capability.

  • We develop by using only the best and latest technology suite.

  • Our Legasys platform is highly scalable and fully capable to integrate with any of your existing accounting or other existing software should the need arise.

  • The shareholders and development team have a deep understanding of the Debt Review fraternity.


Testimonials from our Clients

“Legasys truly revolutionized the way we do business. Our practice is much more efficient now. Thank you team. keep up the great work."


Äshleigh Cranke

CJ Cogan Attorneys

“The integration between the Finwise software and Legasys, now enables me to have full control over the process and with greater transparency both systems are updated in real-time.”


Raymond Bredenkamp

Office Manager – Eksteen Attorneys

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Attorneys - Need more information or would like to register...? Please complete the contact form below and our Legal Practice Administrator will contact you. *Non-Finwise users can also request to be activated by means of API Integration keys using the below contact form.

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