Legal Case Management Software

Legasys is a cost effective Legal System, developed to simplify the processes between Debt Councellors and Attorneys. Seamless controls are built-in for ease and accuracy.

Who is the system for?
Debt Counsellors and Attorneys

How can I get it?

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Debt Counsellors

Advantages include:

  • Greater transparency between Debt Counsellors and Attorneys, to better manage cases and forkflow.

  • Handles Service-level agreements (SLA's) between Debt Counsellors and Attorneys.

  • Debt Counsellors can make us of their own Attorney network, or our Attorney network. There is a wide list of options loaded onto the system.

  • If you don't have a COB, the Consumers Creditor Report will be used as source document.

  • Integrated with Globe Flight Couriers.

  • Mailbox Crawler will assist with your supporting documentation.

  • Full Audit Trail

  • Documents OCR


Advantages include:

  • Greater transparency between Attorneys and Correspondents.

  • The system can accommodate any workflow.

  • Court Management for Attorneys.

  • NCR timeline management - better compliance and court term management.

  • Serve electronically via the system.

  • Fully automated communication to chase Confirmatory Affidavit.

  • Greater chance to obtain Granted Orders.

  • Citations are 100% correct.

  • Court descriptions and headings are 100% correct.

  • All Legal Packs are indexed an paginated.

  • Legal Packs can be printed, with the click of button.

Debt Counsellors

The Advantages

  • Seamlessly integrates with Finwise. Supporting documents and information on Finwise can be transferred to Legasys appointed Attorneys.

  • Finwise aligned with Creditors documents to Attorneys.

  • Non Finwise users, can request access to API details, by contacting us.


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