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Your global WhatsApp 2 Business Integration Partner

Making WhatsApp happen

Picksmart together with Infobip, has a complete solution to create, manage and optimize Chatbots for small to medium enterprizes and corporate companies, at affordable costs.

Testimonial from the Infobip Sales Team

Infobip Testimonial

Infobip Testimonial

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How does it work? Have a look at our Booking Chatbot

We can handle all the technical aspects quickly. Our platforms are built for scalability and easy Onboarding of any business.

We can integrate WhatsApp Chatbots with other applications, customized for any business requirements, for example FICA validations, credit checks and much more.

We tailor Chatbots for the following industries:

  • Financial / Credit Companies

  • Recruitment

  • Bookings

  • Schools / Education

  • Government

  • Entertainment

  • Hospitality / Tourism

  • Retail​ / Sales

Businesses can have full control over their day-to-day activities by connecting with customers and sending and receiving messages, images, documents, video and more. The Chatbots can be set up to ask the right questions to enable faster response times and handle high volumes of support queries.

Integration / Onboarding can be done with:

  • a cellphone

  • through WhatsApp

  • or a URL link

The Advantages

Avoid upfront development / capex cost, we develop minimum viable products at risk!
Make use of our bots in a box.
  • No language barriers with Internationalization (i18n). It is the process of developing products in such a way that they can be localized for any linguistic market.

  • Benefit from the Rand vs Dollar exchange rate, as we are a proudly South African company.

  • Portal Incinga with a WhatsApp session, for example let clients sign documents on a customer portal and then send it back to WhatsApp.

  • Generate more good leads and convert visitors into active users.

WhatsApp Integration with iBureau

Simple integration with iBureau Credit Bureau Services.

  • iBureau Services is able to send Consumer Credit Reports through WhatsApp.

  • Share Live Location: Users can send their location, to receive the relevant information.

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